Anyone on the market for a fake tail? This is a Beautiful condition, on the hide fake tail extension. Black with some red sun bleached hairs, perfect for a bay horse, however could be dyed jet black to match a true black tail. Hairs feel like silk, and hang very naturally. Can’t count the amount of people who were shocked to find out my horse had a fake tail in. Top Never shows, best part about hide tails. Bought for $250, asking $200. Willing to ship, if buyer covers shipping costs. 

As a braider, this is the ONLY type of tail i recommend to my clients who show in the hunter/ equitation ring. They are undetectable, and move with the tails natural movement vs. hanging stiffly. No weights, Legal everywhere. I buy them directly from the lady who hand picks them and has them tanned to perfection. She is one of the biggest braiders on the west coast, and i trust her completely. 

Message me for info/if interested.

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    Guys, this could even benefit a horse. A horse uses its tail to swat flies away, and a thinned or rubbed out tail can’t...
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    If you are showing hunter, it is better for your horse to have the FULL outfit rather than just half of it. I cannot...
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    Gorgeous tail for sale if any of you are looking for one. Message the OP :)
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    Hey haha um can we get back to what this post was actually about guys… struggling university student needing to sell her...
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    Just cuz people show doesn’t mean we all use fake tails. My Eddie doesn’t wear one but then again I show in the jumpers....
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    My only comment is that it freaked me the hell out because I thought it was one of those Japanese horror things with the...
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    Guys why? there wasn’t even an argument here at all. It was just explaining why some people use fake tails?
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    I was just confused as to why anyone would not want a natural tail no matter what it looked like. Halter classes make...
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    Wait…this was actually an argument? A fake f-ing tail? Seriously?! -facedesk-
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    this is one i would consider a filler, anything 3/4-1/2lbs and under are usually used to make a healthy tail appear that...
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    Someone at my barn was trying to sell her horse and just before the big gulf coast classic winter series the horse in...
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    Pretty sure somebody took something the wrong way or is trying to argue when there’s nothing to argue. Nobody said fake...
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    Your trainer probably just uses fillers(that’s what I call them) just to thicken the tail and make it more attractive, I...
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    Maybe it’s because this is a different type than what my trainer uses, but this fake tail seems so so so long!!
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    I use a fake tail. My horse has absolutely no tail & I show on a high level circuit where it monitory to have everything...
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    Guys quit it we use fake tails and that’s it. End of conversation. We aren’t the judges that get annoyed if they see a...
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    I dunno, but it’s always entertaining when they fall out when someone’s riding! *evil giggle*
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    Wait is this real do people actually care about this wtf