15 years ago, a little colt hit the ground, his breeders probably thrusting their dreams of the Kentucky Derby upon him. But as the little colt grew up, his racing career went the same way as his build- downhill. The little colt may have sucked at racing, but from there on out, his big heart and even bigger back legs propelled him into the jumper ring, the cross country field, down the centre line or hand galloping up to the single oxer.
17 months ago that bum high little dude came into my life, and i can honestly say i’ll never be the same. Trick, you’ve taught me more about myself than anything i have or ever could experience in my life. I couldn’t count all the amazing rides and memories you’ve given me- the opportunities to better myself, telling me to F-off when i need it, and saving my ass when i don’t see anything coming into the 2 stride (sorry that happens way to often little man). You’re constantly challenging me, and i wouldn’t have it any other way. Your eccentricities make me love you that much more. 
Here is to 15 more years together- university, horse shows, being mistaken for some kind over overweight warmblood, kid lessons- maybe even packing my kids around one day, growing a long mane, being the terrible 30 year old horse everyone is slightly afraid of… Who knows. 
Happy 15th Birthday to my man that has outlasted all the boys. Your my once in a lifetime horse.
Happy Birthday Trick
B34565- May 19th 1998

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